Trekking and more!

Agerola is a popular destination for a large number of hikers and climbers that can wander from the paths of Lattari Mountains to the beautiful Amalfi coast. The scenic beauty along the tracks crossing the most charming places of the coast is worth discovering. Trekking and climbing are worth doing!
Some tracks are the following:

  • Bench along the Path of Gods

Here are some of them!

Climbing along the Path of Gods
Climbing along Path of Gods: put your hands and your foot on the rock at 5 km from our b&b.
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Orrido di Pino Canyon
Orrido di Pino Canyon: put your hands and your foot on the rock at 100 meters from our b&b. Beautiful
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The Fisher Fox path
From the square of Carmel, near St. Elias’s church, a staircase in the shade of a centuries-old carob tree, goes
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Spring’s path
Next to the “Acqua Leggia”‘s spring in Campora, a path skirts in a green valley along the Penise river between
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Jeranto Bay
The name Ieranto derives from the Greek “Ieros”, or “sacred”: nearby, on Campanella point, there was once a sanctuary dedicated
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The Three Calli path
Duration about 1.5h, length 2 km Starting from Bomerano’s square going up towards Pendola and Paipo past the Casino house
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Giant’s Theeth path
Behind S. Peter’s church in Pianillo there is a mule track that goes up to Locoli and the Sughero’s hill,
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Ferriere’s valley
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Pino’s Gorge path
Duration about 3h, length about 6 km Departing from Bomerano’s square a mule track brings to Santa Barbara. Crossing the
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The path of Gods
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